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Our Model Making Specialities

How we got started

We are a group of  like-minded individuals who have joined together to  share their interest in model-making and collecting at various levels,  and across all age groups.  The primary aim of the Club is to “foster  and promote the activity of model-making at all levels, providing  technical advice & opportunities for all age groups.” 

How we got started

Our Model Making Specialities

How we got started


Carmarthen Modellers  & Collectors (hereafter known as the Club), was formed in April  2012, and was originally know as Carmarthen Modellers’ Club.

At  present, meetings are held in Carmarthen, at ‘Yr Aelwyd’, Tre-gynwr,  SA31 2ED and take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.   Club annual  membership which includes insurance cover for Adult Members is £15 per  Adult & £7.50 per Junior/Associate.

Our Model Making Specialities

Our Model Making Specialities

Our Model Making Specialities

Anything and everything, from LEGO  to model kits big and small, from railways to spacecraft, from WW1 to Star Wars and beyond.

 Current members work on  models using such media as wood, plastic, metal and card.  Their  interests in model-making vary from Napoleonic War Figures and W.W.II  Aeroplanes (Airfix kits) to Ships and Boats carved in wood.  A  suggestion was made regarding inviting collectors to become members,  (hence the change to the original title) as most Members have a  collection of some description tucked away somewhere..    

Carmarthen Modeller's Club Railway Exhibition 2017

A short video covering the Club Exhibition that took place on  Easter Saturday, 15th April 2017. This was the 2nd Model Exhibition  & Toy Sale to be organised by Carmarthen Modellers' Club at the  Regency Hall, Saundersfoot Pembs. There were 26 tables  supporting the Clubs motto 'Trains, Boats & Planes', as well as 14  Trade tables full of modelling kits & railway & train sets. 

Credit for creation of this video goes to youtuber "Welsh Rail"

link to his youtube page click here

Carmarthen Model Show 2017

A few photos of the models and toys that were on show in Carmarthen on  29th July 2017. Although a small show it was very friendly and all the  modellers were happy to answer any questions asked of them. I  particularly liked the models in a box that were all designed to tell a  story.  

Credit for this video goes to Youtuber Butlers Modelling 

Check out his channel just click here

Schedule of Events For 2020

IPMS Gloucester

June : 27th Armed Forces Day, Pontypridd

July Helicopter Museum Museum Show,

Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

: 12th Stoke (IPMS) Model Show

August : 5th Avon (IPMS) Model Show, Thornbury, Glous

: 19th Martletwy Y.F. Show, Carew, Pembs

September MAFVA (South Wales), Cardiff

October : 24th Carmarthen Model Exhibition, Carmarthen

November : 4-11th Remembrance Week, NatWest Bank, Carmarthen

: 15th Hermon Model Show, Pembs

‘ Bugle Call’, Nailsea 

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Carmarthen Modellers and Collectors

Yr Aelwyd, Llangunnor, Carmarthen, SA31 2ED, United Kingdom


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